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What are Highlight Health’s Solutions?

Innovative programs that improve access to healthcare while driving down costs for everyone – powered by Advocates, who help protect our Members’ healthcare rights.

For Individuals, Employers & Groups


Affordable healthcare plans for everyone.

Healthcare plans that offer the best possible rates for doctor care including an extensive virtual clinical network. Prescription drug pricing is 100% transparent, with a nationwide pharmacy network and mail order. Highlight Advocates help you navigate and ensure the lowest possible costs related to inpatient/outpatient care.

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For Self-Insured Plans


Real Savings. Real Results.

Highlight Health has developed proprietary processes that can significantly reduce costs related to inpatient/outpatient care. If you are tired of paying inflated costs for healthcare, Highlight Advantage offers relief from sky-high prices, without disruptions.

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Never navigate the healthcare system alone.

The foundation of Highlight Health is our team of Advocates, who help you find the right care from the right provider at the right time. They handle the complex and convoluted healthcare landscape so you don’t have to – Highlight Advocates make the process super simple and ensure you never pay a dollar more than you should for care.

How it Works


Don’t just take our word for it.

“The United States has many problems in medical care, from the large share of the population still uninsured (about 10%) to one of the lowest life expectancies in the developed world. Underlying all these problems is the high cost of medical care.

Many firms have outsourced low-wage workers because providing them health benefits is too expensive.”

Harvard Magazine
The World’s Costliest Healthcare
by David Cutler

“…a 2019 study found that medical bills were a primary factor in about two-thirds of U.S. personal bankruptcy filings. More than half a million U.S. families go bankrupt annually because they can’t afford healthcare.

This is due in large part to doctors and hospitals routinely billing insurers ludicrous amounts to bump reimbursement rates higher.”

Los Angeles Times
Column: She was billed $809 for a boot for her broken foot. Amazon charges $80.
by David Lazarus

“The percentage of national income that is absorbed by health care has grown over the past half-century, from 5% in 1960 to 18% in 2017, reducing what is available for anything else from 95% in 1960 to 82% today. The costs of health care contribute to the long-term stagnation in wages; to fewer good jobs, especially for less educated workers; and to rising income inequality.”

TIME Magazine
How Healthcare Costs Hurt American Workers and Benefit the Wealthy
by Anne Case and Angus Deaton

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Highlight Health legal and compliant?

The concept of Highlight Health was birthed out of legal and compliance. Highlight Health spent years researching and testing our solutions before going to market.

Why hasn’t anyone else thought of this?

A lot has changed since the Affordable Care Act came on the scene. New laws, evolving case law, and changes in hospital billing transparency all came into play to form the basis for our new approach to healthcare access.

How long will this last?

Highlight Health is not a limited-time offer, this program has no end date.

How can I get started?

Click here or scroll to the bottom of the page and use our application form to get started with Highlight Health, it’s that easy!

Does Highlight Health cover preventative care with a primary care doctor?

Yes, we have an extensive network of virtual and primary care providers to help you when and where you need care.

I need access to mental healthcare, does Hightlight Health cover providers and medication?

Yes. Highlight Health provides licensed professional mental healthcare providers and transparent pricing on your prescription medications.


Discover if Highlight Health is right for you. Simply complete the form below, email us at info@highlight.health, or call us at (800) 399-0180.