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What is Highlight Advocacy?

Your Highlight Health Advocate is there to help you understand your healthcare options, coordinate services, and empower you to make informed decisions, protecting you and your wallet. Your Highlight Health experience begins whenever you’re ready – our Advocates are available to assist you both before and after receiving care.



Are you tired of navigating complex healthcare documents, pre-approvals, undecipherable bills, and other roadblocks to care? Are you searching for needed care without coverage? In today’s convoluted healthcare market, many people find themselves drowning in debt while simply trying to be healthy. Highlight Health is there to help solve that dilemma by personalizing your healthcare experience with caring Advocates who want to be with you every step of the way. Our Advocates are highly trained multidisciplinary specialists. They will be there to help you find care at a fair price, and to help guard against excessive and illegal bills.


Advocates help you find inpatient & outpatient care at participating providers.


Advocates connect members to community resources they qualify for.


Advocates defend your right to fair, transparent pricing.

Questions & Answers

Who are Highlight Advocates?

Caring professionals who understand the financial and emotional challenges millions of patients experience each year after receiving costly hospital-based healthcare services.

What do Highlight Advocates do?

They educate, assist, empower, and lead the way in helping members access fair pricing for eligible hospital services.

What can I expect from a Highlight Advocate?

A trained, compassionate person who is motivated to reduce the financial fear of accessing medically necessary, hospital services.

How can I contact a Highlight Advocate?

Members can reach our Advocates by simply dialing 800-399-0180. Our Advocacy line is open Monday through Friday, 9am – 6pm EST.

When should I contact a Highlight Advocate?

After receiving inpatient or outpatient services at a hospital facility.


Discover if Highlight Health is right for you. Simply complete the form below, email us at info@highlight.health, or call us at (800) 399-0180.